04|15|14 - UK Statistics and Energy Cabinet Forecast Kentucky's Energy Future - A team of students and research from the UK Department of Statistics worked last summer with the Kentucky Energy & Environment Cabinet.
04|14|14 - Alliance of Nine Universities Seeks to Improve Diversity in STEM Fields -

The University of Kentucky will lead a multi-million-dollar initiative with Kentucky and West Virginia universities to increase underrepresented undergraduates studying in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

03|17|14 - UK Awards More than $500K to Innovate Instructional Delivery -

A&S Professors Matt Zook and Arnold Stromberg have been granted more than $200,000 to improve education, engagement and retention.

01|23|14 - IPOP Research Team Recieves Research Publication Highlight of the Year -

Statistics faculty member Arnold Stromberg joined faculty from the UK College of Pharmacy in publishing a research study which recently received the AMA's Research Publication Highlight of the Year.

01|09|14 - Kentucky Electricity Portfolio Model -

A team of students and staff from the University of Kentucky Department of Statistics worked at the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet to design the Kentucky Electricity Portfolio Model, which is being used by leadership in Frankfort to evaluate energy and environmental policy.

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