Name Contact
ztal223's picture
Graduate Student in Statistics
338 MDS
dmallen's picture
Emeritus Professor of Statistics
Linear and Nonlinear Models, Compartmental Models, Multivariate Methods.
325B Multidisciplinary Science Building, 725 Rose St
fap222's picture
MDS 348
maz226's picture
Teaching Assistant
MDS 309
wwbu222's picture
Ph.D. Candidate in Statistics, Research Assistant in the Applied Statistics Lab
MDS 305
rjchar2's picture
Professor of Statistics, Professor of Biostatistics
Mixture modeling, Nonparametric regression, Cardiovascular health
Multidisciplinary Science Building 203, 725 Rose Street, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky 40536-0082
xch234's picture
M.S. Student in Statistics, PhD Student in Biochemistry
CC434 Ben F. Roach Cancer Care Facility., MDS 3rd floor
kch268's picture
MDS 309
pcornel's picture
Joint with Plant and Soil Sciences
871 POT
recr227's picture
Ph.D. Student in Statistics , Teaching Assistant
MDS 348
XDI226's picture
338 Multi-Disciplinary Science Building
arelli4's picture
MDS 348
lfa227's picture
Ph.D. Student in Statistics
semiparametric regression, Nonparametric regression
335 MDS
mbfe222's picture
Graduate Student in Statistics , Teaching Assistant
Structural Equations Modeling (SEM), Partial Least Squares- Path Modeling
309 Multidisciplinary Science Building (MDS) , 725 Rose Street
magebe2's picture
Senior Lecturer (Fall 2015), Visiting (Spring 2015)
334 A Multidisciplinary Science Building, 725 Rose St
wgrif's picture
Professor of Statistics
Reliability Theory and Quality Control, Applied Probability
345 Multidisciplinary Science Building, 725 Rose St
sha274's picture
Associate Professor of Statistics
Rank–Based Methods, Multivariate Analysis, High-Dimensional Inference, Missing Data Analysis and Statistics for Diagnostic Devices
347 Multidisciplinary Science Building
dhe2's picture
Graduate Student
tmhowa1's picture
Department Manager Associate, Department of Statistics
311 MDS Bldg 7
(859) 257-6115
THU237's picture
Graduate Student in Statistics, Teaching Assistant
Room 346, MDS Bldg


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