Statistical Methods And Motivations

Statistical Methods And Motivations

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Introduction to principles of statistics with emphasis on conceptual understanding. Students will articulate results of statistical description of sample data (including bivariate), application of probability distributions, confidence interval estimation and hypothesis testing to demonstrate properly contextualized analysis of real-world data.


Fall 2018
Section Credits Room Instructor Syllabus
STA 296-001 3.0 Rm.221 Jeffrey C Modenbach
STA 296-002 3.0 Rm.221 John Patrick Cain
STA 296-003 3.0 Rm.221 Nathan S Koebcke
STA 296-004 3.0 Rm.221 Xiaofang Shi
STA 296-005 3.0 Rm.221 Xiaofang Shi
STA 296-006 3.0 Rm.221 Xiaofang Shi
STA 296-007 3.0 Rm.333 TBD
STA 296-008 3.0 Rm.204 John Patrick Cain
STA 296-009 3.0 Rm.333 TBD
STA 296-010 3.0 Rm.333 TBD
STA 296-011 3.0 Rm.337 TBD
STA 296-013 3.0 Rm.335 TBD
STA 296-014 3.0 Rm.335 TBD
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