Recent Dissertation Abstracts


Aggregated Quantitative Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction - Rebecca E. Crouch

Multi-state Models with Missing Covariates - Wenjie Lou

Statistical Methods for Handling Intentional Inaccurate Responders - Kristin J. McQuerry

Development in Normal Mixture and Mixture of Experts Modeling - Meng Qi

Developing an Alternative Way to Analyze NanoString Data - Shu Shen

Empirical Likelihood and Differentiable Functionals - Zhiyuan Shen

Improved Models for Differential Analysis for Genomic Data - Hong Wang

Statistical Inference on Dynamical Systems - Hongyuan Wang

Continuous Time Multi-State Models for Interval Censored Data - Lijie Wan

Topics in Logistic Regression Analysis - Zhiheng Xie

Statistical Methods for Environmental Exposure Data Subject to Detection Limits - Yuchen Yang

Statistical Inference on Trimmed Means, Lorenz Curves, and Partial Area Under ROC Curves by Empirical Likelihood Methods - Yumin Zhao

New Results in ell_1 Penalized Regression - Edward A. Roualdes

Multi-State Models for Interval Censored Data with Competing Risk - Shaoceng Wei

Statistics in the Billera-Holmes-Vogtmann Treespace - Grady S. Weyenberg

Empirical Likelihood Confidence Band - Shihong Zhu

Normal Mixture and Contaminated Model with Nuisance Parameter and Applications - Qian Fan

Genetic Association Testing of Copy Number Variation - Yinglei Li

Contaminated Chi-square Modeling and its Application in Microarray Data Analysis - Feng Zhou

James-Stein Type Compound Estimation of Multiple Mean Response Functions and Their Derivatives - Limin Feng

Polytopes Arising from Binary Multi-way Contingency Tables and Characteristic Imsets for Bayesian Networks - Jing Xi

Analysis of Spatial Data - Xiang Zhang

Analysis of Binary Data via Spatial-Temporal Autologistic Regression Models - Zilong Wang

Some Contributions to the Censored Empirical Likelihood with Hazard-Type Constraints - Yanling Hu

Parametric Estimation in Competing Risks and Multi-state Models - Yushun Lin

Bayesian Semiparametric Generalizations of Linear Models using Polya Trees - Angela Schoergendorfer

Stochastic Dynamics of Gene Transcription - Yan Xie


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