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Statistics Faculty Directory

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Emeritus Professor of Statistics
Linear and Nonlinear Models, Compartmental Models, Multivariate Methods.
325B Multidisciplinary Science Building
Professor of Biostatistics
Professor of Statistics
Multidisciplinary Science Building 325a
311 Multidisciplinary Sciences Building
(859) 257 6115
Senior Lecturer
303B Multidisciplinary Science Building
Professor of Statistics
Reliability Theory and Quality Control, Applied Probability
345 Multidisciplinary Science Building
High-Dimensional Inference, Matrix-Variate (tensor) Data, Multivariate Finite Mixture & Contaminated Trials, Rank Methods for Clustered Data
347 Multidisciplinary Science Building
MDS 325C
(859) 257-6115
MDS 327S
(859) 257-6115
Professor of Statistics
Professor of Biostatistics
Epidemiology, Spatial Statistics, Disease Clustering, Clinical Trials, Longitudinal data analysis
230 Center on Aging
Gatton Endowed Professor, Department of Economics
Econometrics, Labor Economics, Empirical Industrial Organization, Quantile Regression
223G Gatton College of Business and Economics
(859) 257-3371
342 Multi-Disciplinary Science Building
(859) 257 6115
Senior Lecturer
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Statistical Education
303A Multidisciplinary Science Building
No photograph available for rayens
Dr. Bing Zhang Endowed Department Chair
Multivariate Analysis, chemometrics
349 Multidisciplinary Science Building
(859) 257-7061
Professor and Dean, Gatton College of Business
Predictive Modeling in Big Data
Gatton College of Business, Dean's Office
(859) 257-8939
(859) 218-0033
Assistant Professor
models for network data, Bayesian modeling, social science applications, predictive assessment
321 Multidisciplinary Science Building
No photograph available for srini
Professor of Statistics
Decision Theory, Bayesian Inference, Survival Analysis
341 Multidisciplinary Science Building
Allen-Anderson Endowed Professor of Statistics
Statistical Bioinformatics
305C Multidisciplinary Science Building
Associate Professor of Statistics
Director of Graduate Studies
Predictive Modeling in Big Data, Statistical Genetics; Phylogenetics, Healthcare Claims Data Analysis
303 Multidisciplinary Science Building, 725 Rose Street
Associate Professor, Division of Cancer Biostatistics, Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine
Bioinformatics, Bayesian Methods, Causal Inference
CC433 Roach Bldg
(859) 323-2045
Assistant Professor of Statistics
Machine Learning, Bayesian Inference, Computational Statistics, Statistical Bioinformatics, Artificial Intelligence
325D MDS
Associate Professor of Statistics
Large Sample Theory, Nonparametric Inference, Goodness of Fit Tests
313 Multidisciplinary Science Building
Assistant Professor of Statistics
Variable Selection, Model Combining/Averaging, Nonparametric Estimation, Time Series Analysis
317 MDS
(859) 257-6115
Professor of Statistics
Feature Selection, Classification and Discriminant Analysis, Computing Algorithms and their Applications, Dimension Reduction in Regression Analysis
Associate Professor of Statistics
Data Depth, Mixture Models, Astrostatistics, Zero-Inflated Models, Non/Semiparametric Methods, Tolerance Regions, Computational Statistics, Applied Survey Data Analysis
323 Multidisciplinary Science Building
Machine learning, privacy-aware decentralized learning, deep learning, statistical inference, model selection and diagnostics
MDS 337
(859) 257-6912
Professor of Statistics
Large Sample Theory, Survival Analysis
343 Multidisciplinary Science Building
(859) 257-6912
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