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UK Team Places Second at the Emory Global Health Case Competition

By Staff Reports

After taking first place in the Global Health Case Competition at UK, sociology's Ryan McElhose (pictured second from the right) and his teammates took to the road to compete in an international competition against 24 other universities at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Emory Global Health Case Competition is a unique opportunity for students to come together to promote awareness of and develop innovative solutions for 21st century global health issues. In 2010, EGHI opened the competition to students from other U.S. universities, and in 2012 the competition welcomed student teams from international universities.

Currently, EGHI hosts two annual competitions: an intramural competition for Emory students only and an international competition that includes the winning Emory team from the intramural competition and multidisciplinary guest university teams from around the world.

McElhose's teammates include Nneka Udechukwu and Sindhu Nimma from the College of Medicine, and Kevin Chen from the College of Pharmacy, represented the University of Kentucky in strong fashion with a second place finish.

McElhose said being critical is key for the team to win the competition, and that his team is not afraid of encourgaing each other and being critical of each other as well. "We think differently, yet we collaborate, and our ideas really come together."