Alejandro G. Villasante-Tezanos

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  • Data Management Specialist Sr.
  • Part Time Instructor
  • Statistics
208 Charles T. Wethington building, 900 South Limestone Street
Research Interests:
PubMed Publications*: 
  • Jeffries, LM ;McCoy, SW ;Effgen, SK ;Chiarello, LA ;Tezanos, AG Villasante "Description of the Services, Activities, and Interventions Within School-Based Physical Therapist Practices Across the United States." Physical therapy 99, 1 (2019): 98-108. Details. Full text
  • Fernandez, JD ;Kendjorsky, K ;Narla, A ;Villasante-Tezanos, AG ;Tannock, LR "Assessment of Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy Requirements." LGBT health 6, 3 (2019): 101-106. Details. Full text
  • Cuevas, De Las;Motuca, M ;Baptista, T ;Villasante-Tezanos, AG ;de Leon, J "Ethnopsychopharmacology study of patients' beliefs regarding concerns about and necessity of taking psychiatric medications." Human psychopharmacology 34, 2 (2019): e2688. Details. Full text
  • Schoretsanitis, G ;Villasante-Tezanos, AG ;de Leon, J "Studies of Half-Lives of Long-Acting Antipsychotics are Needed." Pharmacopsychiatry 52, 1 (2019): 45-46. Details. Full text
  • King, JD ;Rowland, G ;Tezanos, AG Villasante;Warwick, J.;Kraus, VB ;Lattermann, C.;Jacobs, CA "Joint Fluid Proteome after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture Reflects an Acute Posttraumatic Inflammatory and Chondrodegenerative State." Cartilage (2018): 1947603518790009. Details. Full text
  • McCoy, SW ;Effgen, SK ;Chiarello, LA ;Jeffries, LM ;Tezanos, AG Villasante "School-based physical therapy services and student functional performance at school." Developmental medicine and child neurology 60, 11 (2018): 1140-1148. Details. Full text
  • Murphy, MO ;Herald, JB ;Leachman, J ;Tezanos, Villasante ;Cohn, DM ;Loria, AS "A model of neglect during postnatal life heightens obesity-induced hypertension and is linked to a greater metabolic compromise in female mice." International journal of obesity (2005) 42, 7 (2018): 1354-1365. Details. Full text
  • Long, DE ;Tezanos, AG Villasante;Wise, JN ;Kern, PA ;Bamman, MM ;Peterson, CA ;Dennis, RA "A guide for using NIH Image J for single slice cross-sectional area and composition analysis of the thigh from computed tomography." PloS one 14, 2 (0): e0211629. Details. Full text
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