Ruriko Yoshida

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Ph.D. UC Davis 2004


My main research interest is to apply algebraic geometry and combinatorics to computational problems in phylogenetics, the combination of two major fields in life sciences: Genomics, i.e. the study of the function and structure of genes and genomes; and Molecular Phylogenetics, i.e., the study of the hierarchical evolutionary relationships among organisms or genes. 


Computational Biology, Discrete Optimization, Algebraic Statistics


PubMed Publications*: 
  • Weyenberg, G ;Huggins, PM ;Schardl, CL ;Howe, DK ;Yoshida, R. "kdetrees: Non-parametric estimation of phylogenetic tree distributions." Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) 30, 16 (2014): 2280-7. Details. Full text
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  • Sainudiin, R.;Thornton, K.;Harlow, J.;Booth, J.;Stillman, M.;Yoshida, R.;Griffiths, R.;McVean, G.;Donnelly, P. "Experiments with the site frequency spectrum." Bulletin of mathematical biology 73, 4 (2011): 829-72. Details. Full text
  • Eickmeyer, K.;Huggins, P.;Pachter, L.;Yoshida, R. "On the optimality of the neighbor-joining algorithm." Algorithms for molecular biology : AMB 3, (2008): 5. Details. Full text
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  • Schardl, CL ;Young, CA ;Hesse, U.;Amyotte, SG ;Andreeva, K.;Calie, PJ ;Fleetwood, DJ ;Haws, DC ;Moore, N.;Oeser, B.;Panaccione, DG ;Schweri, KK ;Voisey, CR ;Farman, ML ;Jaromczyk, JW ;Roe, BA ;O'Sullivan, DM ;Scott, B.;Tudzynski, P.;An, Z.;Arnaoudova, EG ;Bullock, CT ;Charlton, ND ;Chen, L.;Cox, M.;Dinkins, RD ;Florea, S.;Glenn, AE ;Gordon, A.;Güldener, U.;Harris, DR ;Hollin, W.;Jaromczyk, J.;Johnson, RD ;Khan, AK ;Leistner, E.;Leuchtmann, A.;Li, C.;Liu, J.;Liu, J.;Liu, M.;Mace, W.;Machado, C.;Nagabhyru, P.;Pan, J.;Schmid, J.;Sugawara, K.;Steiner, U.;Takach, JE ;Tanaka, E.;Webb, JS ;Wilson, EV ;Wiseman, JL ;Yoshida, R.;Zeng, Z. "Plant-symbiotic fungi as chemical engineers: multi-genome analysis of the clavicipitaceae reveals dynamics of alkaloid loci." PLoS genetics 9, 2 (0): e1003323. Details. Full text
  • Bachoura, A ;Yoshida, R.;Lattermann, C.;Kamineni, S "Late removal of titanium hardware from the elbow is problematic." ISRN orthopedics 2012, (0): 256239. Details.
  • Xu, K.;Yoshida, R. "Statistical Analysis on Detecting Recombination Sites in DNA-β Satellites Associated with Old World Geminiviruses." Frontiers in psychiatry 1, (0): 138. Details. Full text
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