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PADS Data Analytics Core (Applied Statistics Lab) Consultation

Step 1: Submit a request

If you are new to the PADS Hub, please take a minute to read about our services before submitting a request. 

If you have been helped by the PADS Hub before, you can directly submit a request. Please note that the ASL/PADS Hub Project Submission form has recently been updated, and is now run through Microsoft Forms instead of REDCap.

Submit a UK-affiliated Request

Submit an Unaffiliated Request             

Step 2: Consultation meeting(s)

Once your request has been submitted, you will be contacted to schedule the initial consultation.  An PADS Hub faculty or staff member will attend the initial consultation along with the PADS Hub research assistants assigned to your request.

Step 3: Project completion and follow-up

Final materials (e.g. consultation forms, tables and figures, analytical write-ups) will be provided based on timelines and goals established at the initial consultation.  Research is an iterative and ongoing process, so materials will be stored and maintained behind the medical campus firewall.