The Master of Applied Statistics curriculum consists of 11 online courses that focus on the discovery of statistical techniques and approaches through data visualization and computing. They will provide students with a firm understanding of linear and nonlinear models, and will prepare graduates to function in a variety of roles such as data analyst, data management technician and statistical programmer.

The selection of 11 online courses includes five required courses (17 hours) and 13 hours of guided electives selected from six courses.

Course Course Title Prerequisites Hours
STA 645* (Intro Video) Computational Theory and Data Visualization   3
STA 646* (Intro Video) Foundations of Probability and Inference STA 645 4
STA 647* (Intro Video) Statistical Computing with SAS   2
STA 648* (Intro Video) Regression Modeling STA 645 4
STA 649* (Intro Video) Design of Experiments STA 648 4
STA 650 Applied Multivariate Statistics STA 646 3
STA 651 (Intro Video) Advanced Programming with R   1
STA 652 Advanced Statistical Modeling STA 648 3
STA 654 Applied Bayesian Analysis STA 646 3
STA 656 Statistical Quality Control STA 645 3
STA 659 Advanced Statistical Methods   3 (Repeatable up to 6 hours)

* Denotes Required Course.

Course Descriptions (pdf)

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