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How is the Master of Applied Statistics program different than the Master of Science in Statistics?

Master of Applied Statistics

Master of Science in Statistics

Prepares students for jobs as practicing statisticians.

Prepares students for jobs as practicing statisticians or doctoral work in statistics.

No Financial Support Available

Financial Support Available

Entire Program Online

In-class Learning Style

What are the minimum requirements for admission?

Two semesters of Calculus, an undergraduate or graduate Statistical Methods course, and an undergraduate degree.

When is the application deadline?

We use rolling admissions, so the earlier the better, but we will consider applications past March 15th for well qualified applicants.

What will the program cost in total?

Non resident and resident full time will be about $6,844 per semester and part time $728 per student credit hour. Tuition generally goes up by about 5% per year. Financial support is not available for the online program.  

What math and/or statistics prerequisites are required?

Two semesters of calculus and one semester in Statistical Methods (undergraduate or graduate level).

Can the GRE be waived?

No, the GRE cannot be waived.

Can credits from another university be transfered?


I am a international student.  What are the minimum TOEFL score requirements?

There is no minimum for the TOEFL, but you cannot be admitted to the Graduate School with a TOEFL score below 79.  

I am a international student.  Will I be able to access the online materials?

International students will have access to online material through local servers such as Canvas.  The exact delivery is to be determined.