Financial Support

Most students are supported as teaching or research assistants by the Dr. Bing Zhang Department of Statistics. These assistantships pay for tuition (in and out of state) and provide a stipend, as well as health insurance. Students interested in additional competitive fellowships are encouraged to contact the Director of Graduate Studies as early as possible. A small number of senior graduate students who excel in teaching are selected by the faculty to receive an additional generous supplement.  All assistantships and fellowships include a full tuition scholarship.  Financial support is not available for the online Master of Applied Statistics program.  

Also, please note that the cost of living in Central Kentucky is significantly lower than several other parts of the country!

Supported students making normal progress toward their degree may expect to be supported 2 years for a Master's, or 5 years for a Ph.D. (the 5 years includes 2 years for a master's degree before fully entering the Ph.D. program). Assistantships are awarded as part of the application process. In addition, exceptional applicants may be eligible for fellowships that supplement the regular stipend and/or limit the amount of teaching required by the student. Student loans are also available.

Some university-managed housing is available specifically for graduate students, though many students choose to live in off-campus apartments and houses in the Lexington area. Information about the university managed housing may be found at the campus housing website.

The university also offers health coverage to graduate students.  More information may be found at the graduate school healthcare page.

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