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jeramiah smith

Regeneration Bonus: Jeramiah Smith



When we talked to the four biologists that make up the unofficial regeneration "cluster" at the University of Kentucky, we learned too many interesting things to cram in the group video. So we made a short video for each of them. Here's more on Jeramiah Smith, salamanders and sea lampreys.

Produced by Research Communications at the University of Kentucky.

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Meet Jeramiah Smith: New Faculty 2011

At the beginning of the Fall 2011 semester, we met with all of the new faculty hires in the College of Arts and Sciences. This series of podcasts introduces them and their research interests. Jeremiah Smith is an assistant professor in the Department of Biology. Smith's area of focus is on genetics and genomics, particularly on how the genome is put together and why it occurs the way that it does. His current research projects concentrate on the lamprey genome.
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