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CESJ Affiliate Randolph Hollingsworth leading effort to develop the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project

CESJ Affiliate Accomplishments

CESJ affiliate Dr. Randolph Hollingsworth is leading the effort to develop the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project.

Please see the following for more details on this great effort.

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People Behind Our Research: Claire Renzetti



Claire Renzetti is the Judy Conway Patton Endowed Chair in the Center for Research on Violence Against Women and chair of the sociology department at the University of Kentucky. Focusing on rape crisis counseling and violence in lesbian relationships, Renzetti seeks to produce knowledge that improves the quality of women's lives.

Produced by Research Communications at the University of Kentucky.



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New Voices Build Upon Legacy of Creative Writing at UK - from UKNow Anonymous (not verified) Wed, 10/19/2016 - 11:04 am
A&S Hall of Fame 2016 - Kip Cornett






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