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Derek S. Young

Research Interests:
Data Depth
Mixture Models
Zero-Inflated Models
Non/Semiparametric Methods
Tolerance Regions
Computational Statistics
Applied Survey Data Analysis

2007 Ph.D. (Statistics) The Pennsylvania State University
2005 M.S. (Statistics) The Pennsylvania State University
2002 B.S. (Mathematics) University of Michigan


Primary Interests

  • Finite Mixture Models
  • Tolerance Regions
  • Zero-Inflated Models
  • Statistical Computing
  • Non/Semiparametric Methods

Secondary Interests

  • Applied Survey Methodology
  • Data Depth
  • Data Visualization
  • Count Models

Tertiary Interests

  • Astrostatistics
  • Fiducial Inference
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Statistics Education
  • Biomedical Statistics