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Solomon W. Harrar

Research Interests:
High-Dimensional Inference
Matrix-Variate (tensor) Data
Multivariate Finite Mixture & Contaminated Trials
Rank Methods for Clustered Data
Graduate Training
Selected Publications:

Harrar, S. W. and Cui, Y (2023), Nonparametric Methods for Clustered Data in Pre-Post Intervention Design. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 222, 1--21.  

Kong, X., Villasante-Tezanos, A. and Harrar, S. W. (2022), Generalized Nonparametric Composite Tests for High-Dimensional Data. Symmetry 14(6), Article 1153. 

Harrar, S. W. and Xu, Y. (2022), Nonparametric Tests for Multivariate Association. Symmetry 14(6), Article 1112. 4.

Ye, Z. and Harrar, S. W. (2022), Estimation of Multivariate Treatment Effects in Contaminated Randomized Trials, Pharmaceutical Statistics 21(3), 535--565.

Harrar, S. W. and Kong, X. (2022), Recent Developments in High-dimensional Inference for Multivariate Data: Parametric, Semiparametric and Nonparametric Approaches, Journal of Multivariate Analysis 188, Article 104855.

Ronchi, F., Harrar, S.W. and Salmaso, L. (2022), Multivariate Nonparametric Methods in Two-Way Designs: Performances and Limitations in Small Samples. Journal of Applied Statistics 49(7),1714--1741.

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