Young Publishes New Statistics Book

By Gail Hairston

Derek Young, University of Kentucky College of Arts & Sciences assistant professor of statistics, recently published his new book, “Handbook of Regression Methods,” which concisely covers numerous traditional, contemporary and nonstandard regression methods. 

The handbook provides a broad overview of regression models, diagnostic procedures and inference procedures, with emphasis on how regression methods are applied. The organization of the handbook benefits both practitioners and researchers, who seek either to obtain a quick understanding of regression methods for specialized problems or to expand their own breadth of knowledge of regression topics.

“Handbook of Regression Methods” covers classic material about simple linear regression and multiple linear regression, including assumptions, effective visualizations and inference procedures. It presents an overview of advanced diagnostic tests, remedial strategies and model selection procedures. Finally, many chapters are devoted to a diverse range of topics, including censored regression, nonlinear regression, generalized linear models and semiparametric regression. 

The book presents a concise overview of a wide range of regression topics not usually covered in a single text. It Includes over 80 examples using nearly 70 real datasets, with results obtained using the R programming language. While R programming is not covered, a freely-available Shiny app containing all examples has been developed, thus allowing access to the source code and the ability to interact with the analyses. The Shiny app and the corresponding R code were co-developed by UK doctoral students in statistics, Kedai Cheng and Yue Cui, and the Department of Statistics Research Coordinator Joshua Lambert. The site for the Shiny app is located at

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