01|28|15 - UK Faculty Invited to Grand Opening of Faculty Media Depot -

An opening reception is set for Jan. 30 to celebrate the Faculty Media Depot and its services for University of Kentucky faculty.

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12|18|14 - UK Students Win Kentucky Academy of Science Research Competitions -

Thirteen University of Kentucky students took home top honors at the Kentucky Academy of Science 100th Annual Meeting in November, including eight students in the College of Arts & Sciences.

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12|01|14 - Statistics Professor Nominated for U.S. Professors of the Year Award -

William Rayens, University of Kentucky statistics professor, was recently honored for his work in undergraduate education with a nomination in the 2014 U.S. Professors of the Year awards program.

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11|21|14 - Undergraduate Assistants Help Freshmen Transition to Life as STEMCats -

Undergraduate instructional assistants within one of the university's newest Living Learning Programs, STEMCats, use their past experiences to mentor incoming UK students.

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09|30|14 - UK College of Arts and Sciences: 106 Years of Excellence -

More than an “s” has been added since the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Science was created in 1908 with only seven faculty members.

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03/04/15 - Mathskeller Open House

in CB 63, White Hall Classroom Building basement

03/04/15 - Birds of Opulence: Black Women, Madness, and Resilience in Appalachia
, Crystal Wilkinson @

in Whitehall Classroom Building, Room 102

03/06/15 - TBA
, Dr. Leonid Kalachev, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Montana @

in TBA

03/07/15 - 6th Annual Appalachian Research Community Symposium and Arts Showcase
, Lisa Conley, Ph.D. @

in William T. Young Library

03/27/15 - TBA
, Dr. Jianhui Zhou, Department of Statistics, University of Virginia @

in TBA

03/31/15 - SWAP Meeting with Brown Award Recipients
, Lindsay Shade and Kathryn Engle @

in UK Appalachian Center

04/03/15 - TBA
, Dr. David Hunter, Department of Statitics, Pennsylvania State University @

in TBA

04/17/15 - TBA
, Dr. Jeff Vest, Director of Biostatistics, Medpace @
04/22/15 - TBA
, Dr. Mathias Drton, Department of Statistics, University of Washington @

in TBA


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