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We are waiting for your questions.  If you were unable to find what you needed on our website, please contact us.


Do I have to come in for a meeting or can I just send you my data?

Part of the mission of the ASL is to provide a resource for statistical training and to serve as a starting point for building research partnerships. We want to avoid situations where data is simply dropped off, since this does not foster collaboration. While not all consultations will require a face to face interaction, the initial consultation should be scheduled so that investigators can discuss the aspects of the project and ASL staff can provide an analysis plan with scope of work. If a face to face consultation is not possible, please contact for alternative arrangements.

Is this for walk-ins or do I need to make an appointment?

Our goal is to provide the most appropriate statistical expertise for your particular project, and initial consults involve a faculty director or affiliate. To ensure that the appropriate faculty and/or ASL staff are available, walk-in services are not provided. Please submit an ASL request by going to or contact us through We will contact you shortly to schedule your ASL appointment.

Can anyone receive ASL services?

Limited access is available for students, staff, and faculty who are not affiliated with a contributing partner.  If you or your institution are not currently an ASL partner, please contact us ( and find out how to become one.

Is my College/Department a Partner with the ASL?

Here is a current list of Partners of the ASL.

If my College/Department is NOT a Partner, can I still meet with someone to receive some feedback?

Yes, we are only able to give a 1-time 30 minute consultation for suggestions and advice for non-partners.  Depending on the scope of your project, it is sometimes possible to receive additional assistance beyond the 30 minute consultation if you are willing to put ASL resources as co-authors. 

What type of assistance can I receive through the ASL?

o   Consultation

o   Data analysis

o   Statistical programming

o   Guest lectures, training and workshops

What type of projects can I receive assistance with?

o   Grant submissions

o   Study Design

o   Translational Research

o   Pilot Studies

o   Dissertations

o   Presentations

o   Publications

I am a student working on my dissertation.  Can I receive statistical assistance?

Please check to see if your college or department is a Partner with the ASL.  If you are, we will schedule an appointment to meet with our personnel.  If not, you can still receive a 1-time 30-minute consultation with our personnel for suggestions and advise.

I am a student working on my dissertation.  Can I attend the consultation without my Advisor?

No, the ASL requires that an Advisor is present for the initial consultation.  If your Advisor is unable to attend, a Committee member may attend in their absence. 

I am a student working on a project that is NOT my dissertation.  Can I attend the consultation without my Advisor?

There are cases where students work on projects that are not their dissertation.  However, we still require that the main faculty member or staff member on the project attends the initial consultation.  This helps ensure that any work completed by our personnel is correct for the scope of that project. 

How do I schedule a consultation?

Please submit an ASL request by going to or contact us through We will contact you shortly to schedule your ASL appointment.

I have already submitted a request previously.  Do I have to submit another request to meet with the ASL personnel again? 

Please contact to find out and include your project ID from your original request.  It will depend on your specific needs. 

I am Out-of-town or overseas.  Can I have a consultation via email or skype?

If you are a student working on your dissertation, we ask that either your Advisor (or a committee member if your Advisor is out-of-town) is physically present for the initial consultation.  We will then allow you (the student) to attend the meeting via skype.  Please provide the ASL Coordinator with your skype name and contact information in case of technical issues on that day.  If you are not a student and out of town, we will allow a consultation via skype.  Please keep in mind that communication is best face-to-face and if you are able to attend in person, please do so.

What statistical programs can I receive help?

In the ASL, we primarily use SAS and R.  We do assist, sometimes, with SPSS and JMP.  If you need assistance with another program besides the 4 listed, we may not be able to assist you.

How does the ASL store data?

The ASL stores all data and project materials behind the medical campus firewall.  The best way to transfer de-identified data to the ASL is to attach it to the REDCap form when you submit your request.