Calendar - Statistics Seminar

Partial Moment-Based Sufficient Dimension Reduction

Partial Moment-Based Sufficient Dimension Reduction

The Cult of Statistical Significance

The comparison of alternative smoothing methods for fitting non-linear exposure-response relationships with Cox models in a simulation study

Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling for Signaling Pathway Inference

Counting Sheep (Bayesian Methods to Account for Time-Dependent Covariates in Open-Population Capture-Recapture Models)

Optimality in Multiple Testing: A Unified Approach

Bayesian Variable Selection for Latent Class Models

Tree-Ring Based Climate Reconstruction

Bayesian Inference of Interactions in Biological Problems

Bayes Estimators for phylogenetic reonstruction

Contemporaneous Sample Size Problems

On Rogers's proof of identifiability for the GTR + Gamma + I model of DNA evolution

Hierarchical subspace models for contingency tables

Mathematics of Bio-Chemical Reaction Networks

Inference on Residual Life under Dependent Censoring

Algebraic models in systems biology

Algebraic models in systems biology

Detecting epistasis using Markov bases

On the Nullstellensatz Method for Combinatorial Optimization

Impact of the design matrix structure on the performance of LASSO: An empirical study

Regular Colorings and Graphical Gaussian Models with Symmetries

Estimating Relative Risk Using k-th Nearest Neighbor Method

Improving Small-Sample Inference in Group Randomized Trials with Binary Outcomes

Sample Size Determination for Clustered Count

Integrative Methods for Genomic Data using Sparse Canonical Correlation Analysis

Yuguo Chen (from U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Dr. Damla Senturk (from UCLA Biostatistics)

Seminar: Dr. Frank Konietschke

Goodness-of-fit testing in Ising Models

Modelling Mark-Recapture Data with Misidentification

Connectivity of Fibers with Positive Margins in Multi-dimensional Contingency Tables

Exact MCMC using approximations and Bernoulli factories

Models for non-invasive genetic mark-recapture data with genotyping error

Running Markov chain without Markov basis

Marginal correlation measures for unpaired clustered data under cluster-based informativeness

Analysis of High-Dimensional Repeated Measures Data under Non-normality

Approximate Kernal PCA: Computation vs. Statistical Trade-Off

Covariate Information Matrix for Dimension Reduction

Integrative Data Analytics via Distributed Inference Functions

Models for Space-Time Data Inspired from Statistical Physics

New Approaches to Analyzing Modern Time Series

It’s Not What We Said, It’s Not What They Heard, It’s What They Say They Heard

Generalized Fiducial Inference: A Review

Converting High-dimensional Objects to Functional Data: The Stringing Approach

The Casual Effect of a Timeout at Stopping an Opposing Run in the NBA

Cancelled - Statistics Seminar Series Lecture

Repro Sampling Method for Statistical Inference of High Dimensional Linear Models

Conjugate Bayesian Modeling of High-Dimensional Count Valued Survey Data Under Informative Sampling Designs

Statistics Seminar Series - Lecture 4

R.L. Anderson Lecture

A Multivariate Spatio-temporal Change Point Model of Opioid Overdose Deaths in Ohio

Support Vector Machine based real time sufficient dimension reduction

Penalized likelihood estimation for Pearson's family of distributions, with an application to financial market risk

Data Augmentation Algorithms for Bayesian Analysis of Directional Data

Joint Bayesian analysis of multiple response-types using the hierarchical generalized transformation model

Kaplan-Meier Estimator, Alternative Variance Formula and Restricted Mean Survival Time Based Tests

High-dimensional Change-point Detection Using Generalized Homogeneity Metrics

Generalized Matrix Decomposition: Exploratory Analysis, Prediction, and Inference

On model-based clustering of skewed matrix and tensor data

Fiducial Distributions with Applications

A Bayesian Stochastic Approximation Method

Central Quantile Subspace

From Collaboration to Dissertation: The Case of LD50

Statistical Methods for Complex Cancer Data : Q & A with Dr. Chi Wang

Meta Clustering for Collaborative Learning

Some Topics in Finite Mixture Models, Tolerance Regions, and Zero-Inflated Models

Quantile Regression for Panel Data and Factor Models

Probability of Correct Model Choice Using R^2 or AIC in Model Selection

Direct Sampling in Bayesian Regression Models with Additive Disclosure Avoidance Noise

Statistics Seminar Series - Spring 2021 - Week 12

Statistics Seminar Series - Spring 2021 - Week 13

Parameterization of Reduced Rank and Co-integrated Vector Autoregression

A Program for Pharmacokinetic Analysis: An Exercise in Computational Modeling

An MM algorithm for estimation of a two-component semiparametric density mixture with a known component

Copula-Based Bivariate for Poisson Time Series Models

Big Data and Big Challenges. A Lesson in Formulating and Solving Problems Statistically

Dr. Mai Zhou Retirement Celebration

Bayesian Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Collective Animal Movement

Distributional data analysis via quantile functions and its application to modeling digital biomarkers of gait in Alzheimer’s Disease

Mixture representations for likelihood ratio ordered distributions

High-Dimensional General Linear Hypothesis Tests via Spectral Shrinkage

Genome-wide association and ancestry analysis in admixed populations

Robust Sample Weighting to Facilitate Individualized Treatment Rule Learning for a Target Population

Bayesian Registration of Real-Valued Functions

Topological Clustering of Multilayer Networks

R.L. Anderson Lecture - Unlikely Likelihoods